Customer Reviews

Our CBD infused nano water has been changing lives, read how.

The first 2 or 3 days there wasn't much change in how I felt. Day 4, my body felt healthy, clear to the core. I felt 'on'. Seemed as everything was firing as it should. My sleeping is deeper. The first few weeks I took it in the morning or early afternoon. I am now taking it around early evening to see what difference it makes. I tried drinking it chilled as well as room temperature and didn't notice a change in taste. I have a sensitive palate and would have noticed a difference, but there is none. It must be doing something for my immune system as I've been surrounded by people with flu and colds and have dodged that bullet. This is so easy to do. Can't wait to see what the next few weeks brings."

– Mayrene S.

I have been taking the CBD water now for about two weeks and I am very pleased with the experience I have had so far. On top of my anxiety levels feeling significantly lower I am able to fall asleep much faster and wake up feeling more rested than I have in a long time. I would recommend this to anyone.”

- Richard W.

I have been taking the CBD water now for about three weeks. I did not expect to experience much of a change if any. But to my surprise I did. After just a week I noticed I was sleeping better than I have in a very long time. I normally sleep only 5 to 6 hours a night. Now I'm sleeping 6 to 8 hours. I'm seem to be dreaming more and after I wake I have better recall of my dreams. I'm 71 years old and still like to exercise often, but I tend to get sore if I workout to hard. These past few weeks I have found that I'm getting sore less often. I feel it has to do with the CBD water I'm drinking each day."

– Richard A.

Thank you for the giving me the opportunity to use the CBD water which I started on January 10th. Almost immediately I noticed that I’ve been sleeping better and if I wake up I’m able to quickly get back to sleep. Another change I’ve experienced is the improvement to the osteo arthritis that I’ve dealt with for over 20 years and has caused my hands and fingers to be noticeably disfigured. I have been using an anti-aging cream on my hands for about a year which some success, but I've noticed an even greater improvement since taking the CBD water, and my husband has even told me how much better my hands look. I’ve also had arthritis in my knees which resulted in double-knee replacement surgery 5 years ago causing my knees to remain swollen, however since taking the CBD water the swelling is almost gone. Most recently I’ve noticed my hips were starting to hurt, especially at night and thought for sure I was doomed to another joint-repacement surgery in the near future, but for the past several weeks I haven’t had any pain in my hips at all. The last thing I’ll mention is the one I’m probably most excited about; for the past 6 months I’ve been suffering with heartburn on a daily basis and have had to take antacid (TUMS) for the pain. Almost immediately after I started using the CBD water I stopped having heartburn and I haven’t taken a single TUMS since! I’ve even tried foods again that I’d stopped eating because I knew they would give me heartburn (e.g. pepperoni pizza), and was thrilled when they didn't…..I LOVE THIS STUFF!"

– Pam

As a 75 year, old guy with a variety of health issues, e.g. smoldering multiple myeloma (pre-bone cancer), and historical kidney issues (potentially related to the fact of my father dying at age 46 with only one kidney and the other one failing) have placed me in a challenging situation with regard to pain and inflammation medications. For example, taking any OTC medications that fit into the [NSAIDs] (aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofens, etc.) are things I refuse to put into my body because of the kidney, “smoldering” cancer, and general health and wellbeing issues. As confirmed over and over [NSAIDs] significantly increase health challenges with the above stated issues. Couple that with my anti 'Big Pharma' attitude, which motivates me to stay away from the use of any of those 175+ drugs as listed as “Common Drugs for Pain” listed on the internet, puts me in on a “dry desert” when it comes to addressing my issues related to my pain and/ or inflammatory issues. My introduction to CBD came at a time when I was diagnosed with a MRSA Staph infection in my leg. Talk about pain and inflammation, this was over the top. My leg was more than twice its normal size. Couple my mental model (no pain meds) with the fact that the medical profession failed to get control of anything, including intravenous therapies that included 6 different antibiotics over a six-day period, things got really ugly. However, the using of Nano water based CBD product, using means simply “swishing it in my mouth on a schedule basis,” things started to move toward healing. The skin on the calf of my right leg is permanently a dirty brown from the now healed wound, but unlike many I know who have had MRSA Staph infection, I still have my leg and my life. I attribute the healing of my leg and my improved kidney condition to the use of the NANO based CBD water that I used as a healing strategy that really worked.”

- Bob